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Human Relationship with a Pet


Human Relationship with a Pet

Allowing a pet at home to live with you happens when you are a pet lover. In addition, there are a plenty of other reasons and benefits which support the presence of a pet in a house. Domestic pets such as Dogs and Cats are the common choices which are found to be made by people since hundreds of years.Now let us know the points that are kept in mind when a person starts with a pet at home apart from being a pet lover.

Needs of a Person

It is essential to understand that like all other things, the needs of a pet might vary from one pet to the other. Thus, the benefits from the chosen pet, need of your family, things required for their better care and other arrangements, are the essential points to be kept in mind while making a choice of a pet.

Keeping a pet at home is not an easy task as they need good care and support to adjust to your way of living just as a new child at home, for which one has to spare time. Besides some pets like Dogs, Cats, Rats, Rabbits, etc., often chew the wrong things at home as Sofa, Carpet, electric wire, curtain and thus may put harm to these items. They are also great companions to stay with and like every other pet; they bring a lot of entertainment at home with their enjoyable behavior and activities. With a positive thought in mind, we may go for any of the available options to start with a new member in the house.

Dogs and Puppies: They seem to be the common pets and the preferred choices of most of the pet lovers as they not only serve the purpose of keeping a great companion at home but also helps to secure the house against trespass or burglary and to make the family members aware of the same in advance, perhaps no burglar alarm is better than a Dog’s presence in your house.

Cats and Kittens: Cats are also a preferred choice, found in most of the houses and they are also loved at home. Unlike dogs, they just act as a matter of fun and provide entertainment to all.

Birds: This is also seen very dependable as a pet at home due to their beauty, variety, melodious voice, and a great part of the attraction for the visitors and the neighbors. However, I personally do not prefer keeping birds in cages and steal their freedom.

Fish: Like the birds, we also see a lot of reasons, why people prefer a fish aquarium at home. The best and common reasons are because keeping them at home is auspicious for most of the people as per their zodiac signs, they are found in varieties and in different colors , they add to the beauty of the house, kids at home enjoy their stay and they can also act as great companions to pass a good time with them.

The other most preferred animals found as a pet in the houses are Cow, Horse, Donkey, Hen, Pigs, and Pigeons etc. The majority of these animals listed here are meant for commercial reasons like Cows for agricultural purposes and also for providing milk, bullock carts, used in marriages and also as a mode of transport. Chicken and Hens as a non-vegetarian product in the market and also in the poultry farms, Horses are used for carrying goods and in the present days they are also used as an entertainment in the race course. Donkeys and Pigeon, on the other hand, are mainly used for commercial need.
In context to the above information, it is important that we understand, be it for any purpose, it becomes your responsibility that they are treated with a lot of affection and care.

Medical Assistance

It is important to understand that before we make any choice of a pet, we may consult the Veterinarian and gather all the required information connected with the health of a pet.

Even after the pet is a part of the house, their health and safety should be of prime importance to us.

Life Span of a Pet

With all other information collected by you for the better care of your pet, it is also important to know the exact lifespan of your pet, which would help you to look after the needs of your pet in a better way.

Search for a suitable Pet

Before we begin the search for the best and a suitable pet, it is essential that a proper place should be prepared for their stay. However, while preparing a cage or a house for a pet, it is important to prioritize their requirements.

Hygienic Condition

Good hygiene for your pet is one of the basic requirements. Whereas always prefer to wash hands before we touch or hold them in our hands. Many pets like dog, cat, rabbit etc have sharp nails that help them scratching things at home. As soon as their nails grow,   make sure to cut them on time. To keep them healthy, they also need a bath at least every alternative day to help remove dirt from their bodies.

Behavior with the pet

The involvement of the pets with us depends on our way of behavior with them.  We should not forget that though they can’t speak but they feel both care and pain. We should nourish them as we do for our own kids because the better we care them, the better they would become friendly and faithful to us.

Welcome mode

New pets, when brought at home, require more care and love that will help them to know the family members. This will help them to get mixed up in the family environment   which is an important aspect of a happy living of every pet.

Basic Role of a Pet 

Having a pet at home gives an auspicious sign as animals like Dogs and Cats have ultra sensitive senses that allow them to understand in the event of the presence of a ghost and also other paranormal activities in the environment. The pets are also beneficial to human beings as they play an important role in their life by easing stress, anxiety and also can substantially boost your mood. The companionship of a pet can also make a long-term change in your behavior and the lifestyle. All these benefits are, however, subject to the condition that they are looked after well and given due importance as a member of your family.

Lastly, a pet is a living being and not a toy so we should always remember that apart from entertainment, the involvement of them in our life also becomes their need. Thus, we should not exclude them from our lives when we feel that we are bored of them at home. The more you give the more the return to you. 
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