Friday, June 24, 2016

Abusive Spouse

Abusive Spouse

We feel good when our behavior towards all human beings especially women and
children is appreciated by people. Everyone knows that if a disrespectful treatment is given to anyone, its impact will always be negative. We have also noticed that most of the people remain unhappy due to abusive behavior of the person connected with their daily life but they are not able to show their anger towards them due to one or the other reason.

These problems mostly arise in the marriage when one of the spouses becomes abusive. The spouse fails to keep his or her temper in control; as a result, the relationship is affected adversely. This also happens when one of the spouses sets a boundary for his or her spouse and lacks communication. Staying away from the regular interaction brings so many problems and makes it difficult for them to lead a normal family life

Living with an abusive spouse is difficult but not impossible because if we think it in a positive way, it can be countered with our soft approach to making the other person understand his or her responsibility. Sometimes, it becomes almost impossible for people to stay in this kind of relationship, because instead of trying to bring an amicable solution, they prefer to become selfish or self-centered.

Conduct of an abusive person

An abusive spouse is always known in the society. They do not care about others and keep on fighting. Most of the people (men) avoid confrontation and try to tolerate things of being abused by their spouse for several reasons, like the involvement of children and parents, fear of disrespect in the society and disturbance of peace in their family.

Take care of  your Self- Respect

Always avoid compromising with the situation or self-respect and morale. The life of a person having an abusive spouse sometimes drags him or her into a long and stressful stage that abandons them from their family, parents, and friends and it further makes their life miserable. We have even noticed that in some of the cases of an abusive relationship, the abusive spouse throws his spouse out of his house without knowing the consequences of his move.

Taking Divorce is not a Solution

When the spouse decides to go for divorce, the case is kept on hold for years in a court of law or they do not get the divorce easily. During such period, they spend a stressful life and their best years of life go in vain. On the other hand, during this course, they feel the need of love and companionship but never get it.

Let yourself lead a peaceful family life

What we feel is that the abusive relationship once faced should not be dragged so long and may be resolved amicably as early as possible as carrying it for years is not going to give respite to any one of them. The abusive behavior of a spouse can be stopped if a sincere effort by the male or female spouse is made to solve it at the initial stage. It should not be ignored or taken casually as its side effect is not only critical but harmful to both the spouses, their children, and parents.

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