Thursday, May 19, 2016

Deadly Reasons to give up Smoking

Deadly reasons to give up Smoking?

Even after the advertisements on the television, warnings from friends, closed ones, threatening, reasons to leave, doctor’s advice and what not, once adopted we do not quit the only habit that can take our lives. Even after understanding all the impacts, consequences of it, we rather get so used to this addiction that we make it next to impossible for us.

How does a habit which is just an option for fun at times become a “to do requirement” for us?

Few examples of my friends who cannot leave smoking because –

1) I cannot fresh up in the morning without smoking.

2) I really feel good when I smoke only when I am tensed.

3) It reduces the burden of tiredness and gives relaxation. 

4) It makes me feel great and tension free.

5) I do not smoke so much that it will kill me.

6) Please do not advice about what I know – what happens to people who may be smoking from their college time and still living healthy at this age.

7) I cannot even try to leave smoking as it is next to impossible.

8) The only addiction, I have, I even do not drink.

It is an unending list if I go on writing about the reasons they do to defend their addiction. But what is the reality? Everyone is aware of that.

A simple and small step took to just show off in front of the friends becomes an unending addiction to people.
Giving up addiction is Not Impossible

But, is it so tough and next to impossible? A single say –impossible means, I am possible. So, why not with a zeal and willpower, we start trying to get rid of this hazardous addiction of smoking.

With the other existing reasons which are enough to quit this unhealthy addiction, a recent study has revealed two more to add to its list. They are given below:-

1) A study in London has revealed another reason for you to understand and kick the habit of smoking. “People who smoke lose around 1/3rd of their everyday memory” a new British study suggested.

However, the Northumbria University study also found that if we give up the habit of smoking, the ability to recollect can be restored. Also, it can reach to a percentage of recollection as a person who does not smoke or called as the non-smoker.
Understand the Effects of Smoking

For the purpose of the latest study, people were recruited at the age of 18-25 years and were asked to recollect from a tour they had taken part, organized by the University. The people were asked to recall some of the events like music acts listed to play at the students ’union and tasks completed at various points – known as a weak world memory test.

Smokers performed badly, as they could recall just 59 % of tasks. However, those who had given up the addiction could recall 74% while those who had never smoked recalled 81 % of the tasks.

According to Dr. Tom Hermann, head of the University’s drug and alcohol research Group, the findings would be useful in anti- smoking campaigns. Given that there are millions of smokers in the world, it is important to understand the effects of smoking have the everyday cognitive function of which prospective memory is an excellent example, he said. “This is the first time that a study has set out to check whether giving up smoking has an effect on memory?”

According to him “we already know that giving up smoking has huge health benefits for the body, but this study also shows how it can have knocked on benefits for cognitive functions too.

Smoking has not only become a matter of fashion and ways to throw impact for boys on others, but it has highly affected the girls who think that it adds to their personality, shows off how wide they think about life and their openness towards things compared to others.

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