Sunday, April 10, 2016

Root cause of any disease


Most of us do not know the main cause of symptom of a disease in our body. Any kind of physical abnormality in our body is based on our living style, eating habits, working beyond one’s capacity, lack of sleep etc.

Diseases are caused by accumulation of toxins in our body. Although, nature keeps extracting toxins out of our body, however, it gets collected when detoxification is less than accumulation.
When toxins increase, various parts our body become non-functional and germs flourish, but the nature takes them out in the form of fever, dysentery, acidity, cough and cold etc. When medicine is taken to get relief , the disease becomes more chronic.

In other sense, the reasons for toxin accumulation are many.  Few of them are like;

a)      Lack of balanced diet,
b)      Spicy, heavy and food without fiber.
c)      Overeating.
d)     Consuming intoxicating food.
e)      Remaining seated continuously.
f)       Fear, anxiety, anger and stress.
g)      Pollution.

h)      Eating food late in the night. 
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