Sunday, April 10, 2016

A new way to lose excess body weight


We do normal exercises, tough workouts, and run on the road as if it is a marathon race just to lose few kilos of excess weight from our body, but do we get any satisfactory result up to our expectation with these practices?

I think, ‘No', because we don't enjoy the workout being less enjoyable to us owing to reasons like we won't make it sure to perform the exercise every day or we do not follow the norms of weighing loss according to guidance. Out of these three reasons, one reason, however, perfectly matches the topic and that is –‘we don't enjoy the workout as it is less enjoyable to us'.  It is also a fact that by getting excess sleep, it can increase the amount of fat in our body even if we are on dieting for weight loss. Sleep is natural, but when we take sleep more than our body requires, it doesn't make us feel refreshed and this is harmful for our health.

Many of us perhaps don't know that an active sex life may help us lose
weight provided it is performed gradually. An hour of exercise on a treadmill burns the same calories as an hour of active sex.

This is the same ratio as how much we lose weight after taking a fast walk, lifting weights or jogging for the same duration.  This is useful particularly for couples who have gained excess weight after their wedding. If they are determined to lose weight, they need to think on this issue and follow it for a healthy life.  With this fun, not only our sex life will improve, but we can also make a better body image. And, when we see all these changes in ourselves, we may further switch over to some healthier eating habits and other physical exercise to build up our stamina.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

People with Negative thoughts

Thoughts have a very deep impact on thinking of a human being. People with a positive attitude are always found cheerful, active and looking at their best. The impact of a positive thought makes them look more beautiful and confident. Whatever they decide to do always become their part of success. The energy they get from the positive thinking enhances their strength as a whole. People often make negative thoughts especially owing to the impact of environment and the surroundings they exist in. Kids are seen to be more arrogant and negative due to the atmosphere that they spend time mostly. There are many reasons for getting the negative impact on people.

However, it is more important that we do not let down our thoughts and imagination and keep working towards the betterment of the life. Being negative does not serve any of the purposes of life as negative people do not remain mentally healthy to drive resolution or innovate with the assets that they have. Negativity around oneself brings more negative thoughts and imagination that demolish the positive attitude of a person. People with negative thoughts are not only taken as a hindrance for their own life, but they also do not remain capable of supporting others. It is very obvious that we might get negative thoughts from any of the incidents in our life; however, it is more important to think about the aspect and the importance of our life in front of a small incident. We need to understand the reason of our birth and the existence and should not let down the thoughts depended on just an incident.

We should always try to fight and come out with excel from every difficulty that comes up because until we try for betterment nothing can be done in life. Among the various aspects of positive thinking, there are a few points that we should always keep in mind which would drive towards excellence in life and would support our capability to do better and remain away from the negative thoughts in life.

1. We should never indulge in negative talks whether in a professional ground or in personal life.
2. We should never comment on others only based on one of the incidents shared.
3. We should not have a judgmental attitude all the time.
4. We should learn to forgive and give others another chance to prove themselves.
5. Personal matters should not be involved in the professional growth of a person.
6. We should never backbite about others as it is the most important aspect that brings negativity in a person. 7. We should not be jealous of others growth, but learn from the good habits of the person and indulge the same or the better ways to groom ourselves.
8. Learn from the best examples around.
9. Do not hate people who are not equal to you, however, do not support wrong as well.
10. Help others wherever possible, but we should not compromise on our self-esteem on something.
11. We should keep ourselves away from people who spread negative wives in life and in the environment. 12. Lastly, we should learn to forgive and always maintain positive thoughts to give the example to others.

We must extract the good points that would help us grow in life and throw the remaining as it might bring negativity to us. The root cause of Disease Most of us does not know the main cause of symptom of a disease in our body. Any kind of physical abnormality in our body is based on our living style, eating habits, working beyond one’s capacity, lack of sleep etc. Diseases are caused by an accumulation of toxins in our body. Although, nature keeps extracting toxins out of our body, however, it gets collected when detoxification is less than accumulation. When toxins increase, various parts our body become non-functional and germs flourish, but nature takes them out in the form of fever, dysentery, acidity, cough and cold etc. When medicine is taken to get relief, the disease becomes more chronic. In other sense, the reasons for toxin accumulation are many

Few of them are like;

a) Lack of balanced diet,
b) Spicy, heavy and food without fiber.
c) Overeating.
d) Consuming intoxicating food.
e) Remaining seated continuously.
f) Fear, anxiety, anger and stress.

g) Pollution. 

h) Eating food late in the night.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Importance of Fitness of your Car

Buying a good car within your budget is an important issue as it is the one-time investment for those who are salaried and have a limited income. Whereas purchasing a car is not a hectic matter these days as far as getting sufficient information and updates of various type of models of the car is concerned. We can easily access to any information we want through the internet while sitting at home in a very short time. We can also take help of car buying guide which helps us to save our money and time.

Importance of Fitness in your Car
A car is an expensive investment and they need a lot of maintenance besides consumption of petrol, diesel or CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) for its running on the road.
Buying a good car within your budget is an important issue as it is the one-time investment for those who are salaried and have a lower income. Whereas purchasing a car is not a big issue these days as far as getting sufficient information and updates of various types of models of the car is concerned. We can easily access to any information we want through the internet while sitting at home in a very short time. We can also take the help of a car buying guide which helps us to save our money and valuable time. Similarly, we can go online at different manufacturers’ websites and leave our name, address, contact number on their relevant sites and the representatives of the company would contact us within hours to provide all the required details of the car we are planning for. Not only this, the representatives will help you to get the car financed as per your repaying capacity and you could h your new car within a couple of days after making the payment and doing rest of the formalities.
My Experience
I have always felt that experience in regard to this matter counts a lot. I have actually grabbed knowledge with the span of time and with the number of cars and types I jumped from, in a period of 15 years. I have changed three cars in 15 years. I am very fond of new cars. I had my first car in ‘1995, the 2nd in ‘2003 and the 3rd one in ‘2009. With the changes in the cars, I have had also learned things a lot from them. In these 15 years, there have been many things unknown to me at every step and with my companion (my car), I have been learning from the mistakes. What I desperately felt is that your car is not machinery but a friend who remains with you in every kind of situation and journey, so the more love and care you give to your car, it will give you the same in return in terms of mileage and performance. I always prefer to go for a petrol run car though it is little expensive but as per my opinion, the sound or vibration including the engine do not get affected as in the case of diesel or CNG-run cars.
Maintaining a good credit record
It is also necessary to keep a good record in the financial institutes that will also help you next time when you look for any other car through them.
Driving at modest speed is safe
We should always keep in mind that a good and moderate speed should be maintained while driving on the road because this will save you from endangering your life to uncertainties, damage to the car, excess fuel consumption and also would save the life of others.
If you are going to buy a small car for your daily use, you need to take the time to roam around various car showrooms and find out the best car that suits your pocket and need.
People with a fixed income should generally obtain finance facility for purchasing a new car and preferably go for an extended warranty as it is going to be a beneficial idea in case of repair expenses after completion of its normal warranty period.
Higher Competition Level
Nowadays there is so much competition in the car market but the product only gives difference when it’s after sales environment is quite friendly including servicing. There is not a big deal of benefit in buying cars these days as almost all the manufacturers have improvised their products and have achieved more professionalism in the car manufacturing. But always keep in mind that the car you are buying meets all the privileges like duration of warranty, customer level service, mileage of the car per liter  of fuel, the quality of suspension (rear and front), comprehensive policy details and its resale value etc., and the same is good enough to your satisfaction.
Test Drive is necessary before taking Possession
When the formalities are done, don’t forget to test drive your car for at least 3 to 5 kilometers on roads that are open for traffic and also on rough and sandy roads. The performance of the car can be assessed by yourself so as to feel that you have selected a right car for you. It is also advisable that a friend or relative should accompany you during the test drive to support your choice or find out any shortcoming in the car.
Collection of Accessories
Never forget to check the tool kit, jack, first aid box or a spare car wheel tire before finally collecting the vehicle.
Timely and regular servicing of Car
After taking possession of your car, the main important task for you remains to see that your car is serviced in safe and trusted hands.
Maintaining History Sheet of the Car
Whenever your car is serviced, make sure that you have a car manual book with you. Servicing your car at a regular interval is a useful step as it will decrease the chances of likely break down in near future and it will be safer, better to drive and consume less fuel. This will help you find the problem in the car in case of any unforeseen breakdown that will increase the value of your car as and when you decide to sell it.
Custody of Documents
Keeping all papers of your car from sale receipt, catalog, manual, insurance policy to registration papers etc., in a separate folder is always safe and purposeful.

Basic tips for maintenance
There are some useful tips given below that will assist you in maintaining your new car and giving adherence to these tips will help you a lot:-
-Drive the car as per traffic flow.
-Drive your car at a modest speed. Driving at a high speed is not only risky but will also adversely affect its fuel efficiency.
- Proper use of clutch as and when you are shifting gears.
-Don’t rest your foot on the clutch pedal while driving the car.
-Avoid constant use of car breaks and horn without any real requirement. Blowing horn near Hospitals and Schools is strictly prohibited. Even in normal areas, it is not appreciated to honk on other cars unnecessarily as it does not come with good driving skills and also etiquette.
-The air conditioner may be used when absolutely necessary.
-Tire pressure should always be checked while you are refueling your car at a Petrol Pump. The air is provided free of cost at these outlets. However, tire pressures should be done when the tires are cold before you start driving. Checking tire pressure after driving may give a false reading as the tires get hotter and expanded after driving.
-Always check the coolant level of your car. Checking it regularly gives you advance warning that something may be going wrong. But the system should be checked only when the engine is turned off and is cold.
-You need to check the oil level when the car flashes the warning on the dashboard and driving it further might seize the engine.
- Always go for genuine parts whenever some of the parts of your car need to be replaced.
- When the Company’s warranty is expired, you can go for an extended warranty after paying the premium fixed by the company.
-Get your car serviced at Company’s authorized workshops or the dealer from whom you have bought the car. The benefit is that they would use the genuine parts of the company during the original warranty period if required.
-Don’t forget to use hand breaks when the car is parked.
- For additional safety, you can install a gear locking system in the car.
- Whenever the car tires need to be replaced, you should always buy it from the reliable tire shops that will also provide you possible exchange price of your used tires.
How to sell your car when it’s further repair is uneconomical
After constant fear, wear and tear when you feel the car is giving frequent problems, you should sell your car. But you need to set a fixed price of your car after taking into account certain points like the online survey on the value of used cars etc. so that you get a good value of your car. While setting the price of your used car, one has to fix its value slightly higher than the expected. If you have maintained your car in a better way and also ensured maintaining its history sheet, the car may fetch a good price.
Helpful Guidelines
However, following guidelines may also help you achieve the best deal on your used car:
-Always renew your car insurance in time.
-The original papers of the car should be kept in safe custody retaining its duplicate copies in some other place.
-Try to sell your car to company’s True Value outlet or to a person known to you. You can also:-
Place an advertisement in the leading newspapers for its sale.
-Take help of pricing guide to negotiating for a good price.
-Take note of the market value of your car.
-Always have checked up the pollution level of your car periodically and keep a record of it.
-Parking your car at a shadowed place is always good as during summer if you park your car under the direct sunlight it will be harder for you to drive it for at least 10 to 15 minutes until and unless you switch on the air condition of the car. Secondly, parking your car under the direct sun will fade its original body color. Thus, when you don’t get any shadowed place, you can use the car cover to preserve its body color.
Some of the facts we hardly give importance
1. Maintaining a steady speed of the car at low RPM - Saves Fuel.
2. Shifting into a higher gear at approximately 2000 RPM – Saves Fuel.
3. Keep tires properly inflated - Safety and saves Fuel.
4. Use air conditioner of the car and other electrical equipment wisely as it creates less pollution, saves energy and money as well.
5. While driving does not rest your foot on the clutch pedal or leave the car in gear when stopping at traffic light - Unnecessary use of car clutch may affect the car’s performance and may require an early replacement of clutch. It also wastes the Fuel.
6. Blowing horn unnecessarily - Can contribute to noise and pollution.
7. Using brakes frequently - Using brakes without necessity may get the brake fluid hotter and more pressure will be required to use the brakes. Also wastes Fuel.
8. Too much acceleration of the accelerator pedal – Not good for the engine and also wastes the Fuel

Amazing freebies by many dealers
To allure the customers, some of the dealers on the instance of manufacturers have extended amazing freebies on purchase of car accessories, car upholstery, and other luxurious items from them asunder. We have, however, experienced that sometimes the dealers do not provide these freebies on the grounds that the offer was not in force or the stores have been exhausted. Thus, it would be advisable to do the online survey about the correctness of the offer to avoid unnecessary wastage of fuel and time before availing these freebies.
Free Wheel Alignment and balancing, Car upholstery cleaning, Engine Coating, Silencer Coating Treatment, Life Hammer, Car Perfume and Dry wash with polishing etc.
Good news for protective parents
There is good news for those parents who remain worried about rash driving cars with their children. They can now limit the speed of their kids' cars by using a new control key system to be available in the market soon.
The system developed by Ford Motors called My Key, which will be on shelves in the UK from next month, interfaces with the computer systems on board its latest cars to place restrictions on drivers using the special keys.
It works by recognizing different keys for the same car and then adjusting the vehicle settings according to the owner's requirements, with the capacity to limit the top speed of 128 Kph.
Flying Car now closer to reality
The dream of owning a flying car has moved a step closer to reality. Thanks to an ambitious engineering company based in Wilburn, Massachusetts who recently released the images of the next-generation flying car. The car named as TF-X is capable of taking off vertically and flying completely on its own. The flying car won't require a pilot's license to operate. With a flying range of 500 miles, once airborne, the two propellers fold back and propulsion is handled by an engine mounted behind the cockpit

Myths about Automatic Cars
As cities are getting more and more congested, the demand for automatic cars is at a high. It gives an ease of driving because of less effort. But there are several myths associated with the automatic cars that need to be addressed.
If you are in search of driving in comfort, convenience, and luxury, and do not mind spending some extra money on the cost of a car, go for an automatic transmission car. But not many people would knowingly reflect something that might cost them in lakes. With automatic transmissions, there is so much misinformation floating around it and is hard to know what to do. The following myths about automatic cars are here as under which will help and guide the readers to understand whether to go for a particular car or not.
1. Fuel efficiency: Automatic transmission cars are known to be less fuel efficient.
2. Performance: Automatic cars are not fun to drive for everyone because of the absence of pedals like a clutch, break etc. . However, with pedal shift it gives you some control over the car, performance becomes delightful.
3. Maintenance cost : Another reason to list on is that people shy away from automatic transmission cars because they think that automatics are much more expensive as far as maintenance is concerned. But this is not entirely true. The biggest maintenance expenses come only in replacing the clutch requiring the change after every 20,000 km for manual cars which have been driven in crowded cities or by people who tend to ride the clutch a lot. But the automatic cars have dual-clutch automatic transmission and they do not need any maintenance for 2, 50,000 km.

4. Driving skill: Automatic car requires less skill to drive due to the automatic changes made by the gear itself. Thus, it takes to be habitual to drive an automatic transmission car smoothly compared to a manual transmission car.

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psr's new blog as an online writer: Why a break from daily life is Necessary?Just li...

psr's new blog as an online writer: Why a break from daily life is Necessary?

Just li...
: Why a break from daily life is Necessary? Just like eating the same food every day makes life boring, same routine for life is also a me... /padmendra/Linkedin.com

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Can your Pet see Ghosts

Can your Pet see Ghosts?
Dogs and Cats have the power to see ghosts the human simply can't. Of course, humans can see ghosts but only with the help of the sophisticated electronic equipment's used by the paranormal activists.
When a dog barks a lot, especially when no one is on that point, when the dog sitting calmly suddenly jumps and moves towards an invisible thing, we can believe that something scary is actually there.
The dogs have better inbuilt senses than a human being. A dog's sensing power is highly developed and in fact dogs have the sense to feel that something inauspicious is about to happen. Though some people don't agree or believe about the inbuilt sense power of a dog or a cat, but it is a real truth that Dogs can see Ghosts. Even people, who don't believe on this point, can't come up with any specific explanation.
A Ghost resembles the form of a human, but it is based on an unspecified semi-transparent form according to the paranormal experts who have actually seen them. The ultra sensitive senses of a dog allow him to understand and feel the presence of a ghost and also other paranormal things, a human being can't sense at all.
Everyone bears a different opinion on this topic, but those who have picked up and confronted the ghosts can agree to this level without any deep thinking, but something is constantly there when a dog acts abnormally and it is true whether we trust in them or not.